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      "Perhaps that is because my heart is heavyheavy, not with grief and care, but with the burden of perplexity and surprise, with the fear that comes of a great joy."

      "By no means. Besides, I lost my birthright by many years' absence in Europe. It was immediately after my return that I was taken. Now I may consider myself acclimated."

      "Where had you beenwith whom?" he repeated, while her lips moved mutely, quivering as in abject fear. "Great God! why can't you answer? Why do you look such a miserable, degraded creatureself-convictednot able to speak one word in your own defence?"

      Miss Ferrars looked both pleased and puzzled. "It is very good of you to say so," she answered, simpering;"but really, I can't think what you allude to."

      Coming out, Dr. Remy found Brick waiting for him, on the bench where he had left the Major.


      Her own reflection. Was that really herself, that ghastly[Pg 312] image which the glass gave back to her? The reflection of a woman with livid cheeks and blanched lips, with swollen eyelids, and dark rings of purple round the haggard eyes, and hair rough and tangled as Medusa's locks, and bare shoulders from which the stained satin bodice had slipped away. Her wedding-gown! Could that defiled garmentthe long folds of the once shining satin, draggled and dripping with sea-watercould these tawdry rags be the wedding-gown she had put on in her proud and happy innocence in the old bedroom at Dinan, with mother, and servants, and a useful friend or two helping and hindering?


      "But at last we got the better of her objections; and though there were a good many pretty women there, and though Miss Crowther, perhaps, pleased most tastes, being a more showy style of beauty, to my thinking there wasn't one came up to Mrs. Disney."


      Mrs. Baynham nodded approvingly.