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      The pilot who handled the control job, the field manager told him, was a stunt man who has been hanging around since he stunted on our opening day. Ive questioned some of the pilots for you, but no one seems to know who the pilot had with him. A stranger, one says.It is evident that what Plotinus says about beauty and love was suggested by the well-known passages on the same subject in the Phaedrus and the Symposium. His analysis of aesthetic emotion has, however, a much more abstract and metaphysical character than that of his great model. The whole fiction of an antenatal existence is quietly let drop. What the sight of sensible beauty awakens in a philosophic soul is not the memory of an ideal beauty beheld in some other world, but the consciousness of its own idealising activity, the dominion which it exercises over unformed and fluctuating matter. And, in all probability, Plato meant no more than thisin fact he hints as much elsewhere,433but he was not able or did not choose to express himself with such unmistakable clearness.


      Possibly the world may move, and possibly it may be at rest. Possibly it may be round, or else it may be triangular, or have any other shape. Possibly the sun and the stars may be extinguished at setting, and be lighted afresh at their rising: it is, however, equally possible that they may only disappear under the earth and reappear again, or that their rising and setting is due to yet other causes. Possibly the waxing and waning of the moon may be caused by the moons revolving; or it may be due to the atmospheric change, or to an actual increase or decrease in the moons size, or to some other cause. Possibly the moon may shine with borrowed light, or it may shine with its own, experience supplying us with instances of bodies which give their own light, and of others which have their light borrowed. From these and such like statements it appears that questions of natural science in themselves have no value for Epicurus. Whilst granting that only one natural explanation of phenomena is generally possible, yet in any particular case it is perfectly indifferent which explanation is adopted.169

      Ho-ho-ho-ho! Thats good. Suspicious Sandyis that somebody inside the hangar? Dick changed his tone suddenly, dropping his voice to a whisper as he stooped and saw something move behind the old amphibian at the back of the building.

      The variation of dimensions which are sensible to the touch at one ten-thousandth part of an inch, furnishes an example of how important the human senses are even after the utmost precision attainable by machine action. Pieces may pass beneath the cutters of a milling machine under conditions, which so far as machinery avails will produce uniform sizes, yet there is no assurance of the result until the work is felt by gauges.

      154Dick, who had caught up Larrys abandoned binoculars, saw as they zoomed and climbed that a sailor had rescued the note before it bounded over the cabin roof and deck into the sea.


      In practice this difference of effect on the top and bottom, or between the anvil and hammer sides of a piece, is much greater than would be supposed. The yielding of the soft metal on the top cushions the blow and protects the under side from the force. The effect produced by a blow struck upon hot iron cannot be estimated by the force of the blow; it requires, to use a technical term, a certain amount of force to "start" the iron, and anything less than this force has but little effect in moving the particles and changing the form of a piece.


      Im not worrying, Larry said.