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      "It isn't as if we've been here forever," Dodd said. "Onlywell, a hundred or so of your years. Three generations, counting me. And here we are lording it over you, just because of an accident. We happen to be farther advanced than you, that's all."Obeying a common impulse, the 200th Ind., regardless of the dropping shells, had left its position, and pressed forward toward the crest, where it could see what was going on.

      "I s'pose I ain't responsible for any o' the fairy tales with which that wild Mick'll fill up the Captain," said Si, self-consolingly, as Hennessey and his squad marched away in quick time. "He'll put a rich, red, County Connaught color on everything that's happened out here, and the Captain'll believe as much as suits him. Anyhow, Hennessey'll not say anything to our disadvantage, and probably the Captain'll send out some rations by fast mule express."

      hEAd & brink u bAk."Andabout the current crisisyour suggestions"

      "No, I"

      "Heah, stranger, who air yo'? An' what d'yo' want?" And louder than the bolts of heaven,

      "Come on over," the master said from the doorway. "Come on over." He made a beckoning motion.



      It was astonishing how soon they recognized this, and settled down to more or less indifference to things that did not directly concern their own regiment. They were just at the age to be imitative, and the example of the veterans around them had a strongly-repressive effect.


      The engine whistled long and shrilly.