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      "Neither. Keep perfectly quiet, and 'tend strictly to your little business."

      "You came into the army to do just as I tell you, and you'll do it. Silence in the ranks," commanded Si. "Humphreys, stand next to Mackall. Scruggs, stand behind Humphreys."

      "Le's," said Shorty, pushing around the ring that locked his bayonet on.

      "The Colonel's orders are explicit," said the Adjutant, who happened to be near, "not to move until the head of one of the other regiments can be seen on the hills to the right or left. Then we're all to go forward together."

      "No, indeed," assented Si and Shorty.

      "Skeetin' acrost the country to jump this train or some other," continued Shorty.





      "Yes; excuse me. Corporal Elliott, while we are attending to the prisoners you go on ahead and reconnoiter. You need not stop unless you see fit until you are clear into the lodge. Give one low whistle if you want us to stop, two to come ahead and three to go back.""Forward March Charge!" shouted Capt. McGillicuddy.