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      "Why, Nan, if we didn't know she was in New Orleans I'd stand the world down that that was Flora!"

      Every soldier seemed to have become a swain. Hilary and Anna had lately sung this wail together, but not to its end, she had called it "so ungenuine." How rakishly now it came ripping out. "My fortune is too hard for thee," it declared, "'twould chill thy dearest joy. I'd rather weep to see thee free," and ended with "destroy"; but it had the swagger of a bowling-alley.When she got home, she told Lady Wyndover, and that lady was thrown into a state of mild excitement.

      "'Fraid not, moving up-stream."At a newly covered table Varley sat, as of old, deftly and gracefully shuffling the cards, and softly inquiring, Who plays this deal? In honor of the blandness of the season he wore a new suit of the latest Melbourne fashion, and Esmeraldas diamond pin glittered and shot fire from his correctly tied scarf.

      Im very glad to see you, Miss Chetwynde. I hope you have forgiven me for not being present to receive you, but I am an old man, and am obliged to hoard my strength. Trafford has told me a great deal about you, and I am very, very pleased to see you. It is very kind of you to leave London and come to us, and I hopeI do hopethat you will not find it dull. We will do our best to amuse you and make you forget all that you lose by coming to us.

      "Yes, sometimes; but not to her, any more. Oh, Flora, if it's just as true of you, you won't be--begrudge my saying it of my sister--that no saint ever went to her matyrdom better prepared than she is, right now, for the very worst that can be told. There's only one thing to which she never can and never will resign herself, and that is doubt. She can't breathe its air, Flora. As she says herself, she isn't so built; she hasn't that gift."Hilary stared, reddened as she paled, and with a slow smile shook his head. She murmured again:



      Got what? she asked."Kincaid's Battery hell! You get those ladies out o' this as fast as them mules can skedaddle."