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      He went reluctantly, leaving her standing by the fire, a contemplative figure with downcast eyes. At a little later stage in their engagement no doubt she would have gone with him to the door, or even out to the garden gate, for a[Pg 216] lingering parting under the starsbut there was a shyness about them both in this sweet dim beginning of their union, when it was so strange to each to have any claim upon the other.

      Lady Wyndover laughed again, but did not explain.

      Where did you get it? Is it a boy or a girl? How old is it? Can it walk? Can it talk? Whats the color of its eyes? Just take it out of that darned old bag and lets have a look at it!

      It was extremely kind and brave of you, she said, and I am quite sure I should have been off if you had not come to my assistance. Thank youvery much.

      I knowI know, said Norman, hastily and shyly. And youre going to be married to-morrow? I long to see her.BecausebecauseEsmeraldahis voice was almost a whisper, and even her innocence, enlightened by her remembrance of his delirious calling upon her name, could not but discern the meaning in his eyes and his voiceEsmeralda, he whispered again, dont be angry with me. I love you!



      "You mean mother?"