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      His praise brought the light to her eyes.

      It is a pity you didnt kill me outright, Mr. Howard, he said, bitterly. It would have been more merciful.

      Millais, certainly, responded Lord Selvaine.

      What is it you mean, Lady Wyndover? he said, almost soothingly, certainly without any resentmentas yet. Tell me as quickly as you can why you call mewhat was it?a scoundrel?If they had, it would have been unnecessary for me to assure you of their delight and welcome.


      Trafford said he would take some tea, and it was brought in. He seated himself in a lounge chair, and watched her as she poured out the tea. She was not in the least shy, not in the least embarrassed, and she asked him if he took sugar, as if she had known him all her life. He noticed that she looked particularly young and girlish in her plain afternoon dress, and that her hands, which he saw for the first time without their gloves, were, though brown, small and shapely. He noticed, too, how long and dark her lashes were, and that the beauty which he had remarked in the ball-room did not wane in the daylight; indeed, she looked even more charming. A book was lying on the couch beside her, and he took it up. It was a book of adventure, plentifully illustrated.


      If so, she will come back presently, said Esmeralda. And if she does, are you going to take the advice I gave you this morning and tell her that, though you are only a pauper, as you call it, and youve no money, youve grit enough to ask her to be your wife?


      "You tricksy wretch!" muttered the grandmother to herself. For though Charlie was in the battery by his own choice, Hilary would have kept him out had not the sister begged to have him let in.