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      "What means this, Stephen Holgrave?" asked the baron impatiently.

      "I dojustabout."

      "The praises of the ocean grand,"I d?an't think itI know. A year agone you dudn't want me, so I kipt back, I wurn't a-going to m?ake you suffer. You wur frightened of that kiss...."

      "Then you know nothing of Naturethe real goddess, many-breasted Ceres. What can you know of the earth, who have never danced to the earth's music?""Soles, plaice, and dabs,

      "Bravely said and done, my stout yeoman!" said Sir Robert Knowles, who broke silence for the first time during the investigation: "and my Lord de Boteler," he continued, addressing the baron, "the arm that acquitted itself so well in your defence, you may be assured, could never have disgraced itself by midnight plunder."

      They could afford to be generous now they were free, so they sent him long letters, carefully printed out, as he could not read running hand. They told him wonderful stories of camps and bivouacs, of skirmishes and snipings. They enlarged on the grilling fierceness of the December sun which had burnt their faces brick-red and peeled their noseson the flies which swarmed thicker by far than over Odiam middenon the awful dysentery that grabbed at half their palson the hypocritical Boers, who read the Bible and used dum-dum bullets.


      "Certainly," Frank responded. "Here we go again;" and there was another "Hip! hip! hurrah!"


      For an instant, as the monk spoke, the smith's cheek glowed, and he thought it was not kindly done to reprove, in so marked a manner, one who, through rescuing him, had been compelled to fly like a felon, and assume a name that did not belong to his father. However, he had been accustomed to pay implicit obedience to the monk.


      "How can I tell?" was the reply; "that's none of my business. Probably he took his meals at the nearest restaurant and slept at home.[Pg 70] And if you don't believe my story, I can't help itI've done the best I can."